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Frog Roofing is the top provider of solar panel installation services in Rowlett, Texas. For the last fifteen years, we have been offering dependable, superior services to businesses and individuals in the Rowlett, TX, area. At Frog Roofing, we want to use our excellent services to assist you in making the transition to renewable energy sources. Furthermore, our locally owned and operated business offers excellent roofing services.

To benefit from our excellent solar and roofing services, think about us instead of looking for a local roofing company near me. Thanks to our specialized knowledge and unwavering commitment to quality, we promise that every installation will exceed your expectations. We also provide the best shingles for Texas so that your home will continue to look fantastic all year round.


Solar Panel Installation

Solar Panel Installation

Are you wishing you had solar panels put on your Rowlett, Texas property? Frog Roofing makes the operation simpler. Our team will utilize their expertise to install solar panels on your roof with ease, ensuring that they maximize energy savings while matching the look. We oversee the entire process from beginning to end, allowing you to rest while we provide the best solar panel installation services. By installing solar panels, one may potentially save up to 75% on energy costs while increasing the value of their home by 5%.

Solar Panel damage repair

Solar Panel Damage Repair

Has your solar system sustained any damage? Frog Roofing is capable of handling this situation. Our trained specialists can fix both major breaches and minor fractures. Our experienced solar panel repair services in Rowlett, TX, will repair any damage caused by hail, hurricanes, or normal use, restoring your panels to their pre-damage condition fast and effectively. Our primary aims are to guarantee that your solar energy system is performing optimally and to offer green energy to your house.

Solar Panel Inspection and Maintenance​

Solar Panel Inspection and Maintenance

To ensure that your solar panels continue to operate at peak efficiency, Frog Roofing provides comprehensive solar panel inspection and maintenance services in Rowlett, Texas. Our technical specialists will conduct thorough inspections to ensure that your panels are operating properly and identify any potential problems. In addition, we will carefully clean them to remove any dirt or debris that may impede their operation. Regular maintenance improves energy output and extends the life of solar panels.

Experience Exceptional Roofing Services in Rowlett, TX

Frog Roofing offers exceptional solar and roofing services in Rowlett, Texas. Building and maintaining trustworthy roofs is the passion of our hardworking team of skilled roofers. We guarantee the faultless completion of every solar panel and roofing installation because of our vast expertise and professional training. Our main goals are reliability and ease of use, so you can count on us to help you as soon as you need it. We can take care of the upkeep of your roof and solar system with our best shingles for Texas. To receive top-notch assistance from a trustworthy local roofing company, call us at 945-227-8333.


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Explore the Advantages of Choosing Frog Roofing

Reliable Protection Under Warranty

Your complete satisfaction is our top priority at Frog Roofing. We create customized guarantee packages for over 95% of our clients, which has resulted in their satisfaction with their investments. Your roof will undoubtedly remain in excellent condition for many years.

Additional Roof Life

Eliminate the need for frequent replacements and repairs. Using cutting-edge roofing technologies, we can increase your roof's lifespan by about 40 percent. Trust that your roof will endure for an extended period, as Frog Roofing is durable and strong.

Roofing that is Good for the Environment

You not only obtain a roof when you employ Frog Roofing, an affordable roofing company, but you also contribute to a greener and more sustainable future. Our ecologically sustainable practices significantly impact forthcoming generations by halving the amount of waste and pollution generated during construction projects.

Sustainable Methods of Powering Up

Leverage the sun's energy by utilizing our solar services! Our state-of-the-art solar solutions provide pure, natural energy to your residence by converting to a more efficient energy source and reducing reliance on fossil fuels.

Reduced Expenditures on Energy

Installation of solar panels will significantly reduce your energy costs. Solar panels installed by Frog Roofing are environmentally friendly and can help you save money on your energy bills. It benefits both the environment and your wallet.

Greater Property Worth

Solar energy systems have the potential to increase a property's value. In addition to increasing your home's desirability to potential purchasers, installing solar panels will also help you save money.

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